Fifty-five years ago, when my father Dr. Norman Orentreich founded OFAS, his research focused on wound healing and aging studies. Over time, our mission became more broadly dedicated to biomedical research that prevents, halts, or reverses those disorders that decrease the quality of life and encompassed studies on aging, cancer, dermatology, serum biomarkers, and more.

Much of our effort for the past two decades  has been healthspan extension through dietary methionine restriction (MR). Our scientists are currently exploring the mechanisms by which MR affects the body’s various systems and organs, extending not only lifespan – by as much as 40% – but healthspan as well.

In 1961, this communication would have been prepared on a typewriter – probably electric – reproduced mechanically, and delivered by mail. But, as our scientists every day take advantage of the latest technologies to further our research, so, too, can we use the latest technologies to communicate our findings to our friends, supporters, and fellow investigators.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will share with you through this blog not only our own research but news of the latest advances in medical science that will, we hope, help you to extend your life, improve your health, and understand the science that underlies it all. You can sign up to our blog by email. You can, of course, subscribe to our Twitter feed and like us on Facebook as well.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments section!

David O Sig

Dr. David Orentreich, MD