Symposium 2021

Presentation & Panel Recordings

Session 1: Healthspan-Extending Interventions

Metabolic regulation of the senescence program through methionine restriction and mTOR inhibition

Christian Sell

An evolving role for the long non-coding RNA H19 in aging and senescence

Manali Potnis

Panel Discussion

Sailendra Nichenametla, Christian Sell, Manali Potnis

Session 2: Trends in Aging Biology Research

Aging Biology Research Supported by the National Institute on Aging

Max Guo

Session 3: Towards Translation of Sulfur Amino Acid Restriction

Cumulative consumption of sulfur amino acids intake and incidence of diabetes

Zhen Dong

Panel Discussion

Zhen Dong, Thomas Olsen, Kathrine Vinknes

Session 4: Regulation of Metabolism & Senescence

Acarbose suppresses symptoms of mitochondrial disease in a mouse model of Leigh syndrome

Alessandro Bitto

Dietary supplementation with compounds that produce methionine restriction-like benefits, including inhibition of insulin/IGF-1 signaling and improved healthspan

Jay Johnson

Dietary protein restriction benefits health and lifespan through FGF21 signaling

Cristal Hill

Panel Discussion

Alessandro Bitto, Jay Johnson, Cristal Hill