The Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science is excited to announce that we will be leading our first Jane’s Walk in New York City this year. For those who do not know, Jane’s Walk is an event inspired by Jane Jacobs, an activist who greatly influenced urban renewal and city planning. These walks are an active memorial to Jane’s work and usually revolve around topics that identify with her ideals.

Our walk will be focused on addressing the quality of sidewalks in Central Harlem, which has some of the widest sidewalks in all of Manhattan, and discussing what attributes make a sidewalk more walkable than others. Medical research shows that walking can improve health outcomes in everything from heart disease and diabetes to improved mental and cognitive functions. Improving walkability can encourage residents to walk more in their neighborhoods.

Our Deputy Director, Bernardita Calinao, will be leading the walk along with our GIS Specialist, Marie Rusin. The walk will start in front of Red Rooster restaurant and you will find them holding a Jane’s Walk Flag that will also have our OFAS logo on it. Click here if you want to attend. The title of our walk is “The Quality of Central Harlem Sidewalks.” We look forward to seeing you there!