As we begin the new year, we at the Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science (OFAS) are reminded of how grateful we are for our friends around the globe. We are pleased with the advances in our research this past year and for the success of our symposia series in gathering fellow scientists to share progress and ideas. We are confident that our gatherings will continue support advancement in the field of aging.

We hope you will consider investing in OFAS’s research efforts with a donation. With each day that passes, advancements are made toward the goal of extending healthy lifespan, and each day OFAS is able to be a part of this work because of friends like you.

To view our recently published 2017 Report of Directors, click here.

Thank you for your part in making OFAS’s 2017 such a success!


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Norman Orentreich, MD, FACP                          David S. Orentreich, MD
Founder and Co-Director                                     Co-Director