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Our 2013 and 2015 symposia focused on issues concerning diet and aging.
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OFAS Will Lead Their First Jane’s Walk

The Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science is excited to announce that we will be leading our first Jane’s Walk in New York City this year. For those who do not know, Jane’s Walk is an event inspired by Jane Jacobs, an activist who greatly influenced...

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How Mindfulness Protects You as You Get Older

In our minds, old age is often associated with negative outcomes, such as a decline in physical health, but research consistently finds that older adults tend to experience more positive emotion than their younger counterparts. In this study, older adults reported...

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Researchers Find Reversible Cause of Vascular Aging

The hallmarks of aging in skeletal muscle include endothelial cell dysfunction, impaired microcapillary formation, and a progressive decline in exercise capacity, yet the underlying causes of these symptoms are poorly understood. In a recent paper, researchers...

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